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A Legacy of Excellence & Leadership

Building Better Neighborhoods One Building at a Time


BOTA Property Management LLC

BOTA Property Management, LLC (BPM) is a New York City boutique-style property management firm specializing in the management of residential and mixed-use condominiums, and cooperatives. At BOTA, we understand the unique challenges and responsibilities involved in effectively managing condominium and cooperative properties. With our expertise and dedication, we strive to provide exceptional property management solutions to ensure the smooth operation and optimal value of your community. To be successful, the team at BPM understands that in addition to having a strong knowledge of local and state laws, regulations, and best practices, it is imperative to maintain a passionate commitment to customer service and a willingness to go the extra mile to meet the needs of our clients and residents.


It is this approach that empowers us with the ability to educate our clients on new technologies, products, and programs that they can avail themselves of to help protect and increase the value of their assets. As a result of this, not only are problems resolved in the most resourceful and cost-effective manner possible, but BOTA managed properties have also been recognized as some of the most efficiently and economically run properties in the city.


We work closely with our clients to help ensure their assets are given the tools necessary to remain both unique and competitive!


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