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Accurate & Comprehensive Financial Oversight

  • Assorted monthly and annual reports (cashflow, forecasting, mortgages, Investments, budgets etc.) and customized reports.

  • Tracking CapEx expenses.

  • Monitoring expenses, identifying cost savings, and reductions

Board Relations

  • Coordinate all cyclical Board Meetings

  • Prepare action lists, board packages, memos, and assorted reports.

  • Nurture productive relationships with Boards and Residents.

  • Manage CapEx and major alteration projects.

Building Staff Management

  • At Owners and or Board’s discretion, hire and terminate staff, perform background checks, and manage all employee related issues.

  • Oversee payroll and onboarding.

  • Consult with union to ensure compliance with Memorandums of Agreements.

  • Train staff on building procedures and best practices.

CapEx Project Oversight

  • Overseeing BID Process & negotiating contracts.

  • Ensure all critical path items are completed to Board’s or Owner’s satisfaction and within or below budget.

  • Provide comprehensive updates and reports to the Board on status of all projects and related expenses.

Compliance Oversight

  • Manage all permits and ensure compliance with all city, state, and federal regulations.

  • Maintain secure archive of all compliance, legal, and governing documents.

  • Prepare & maintain Emergency Vendor List.

  • Coordinate annual life safety mailing.


  • Lease coordination (renewals, move in / out, increases, DHCR registration).

  • Responding to tenant inquiries

Physical Plant Management

  • Conduct weekly inspections of the site to identify and resolve any issues.

  • Provide a 5-year and 10-year forecast and maintenance schedule.


  • Leveraging relationships and “buying power” with suppliers and vendors to negotiate & obtain competitive bids.

  • Purchase Order System

Residents/Shareholders Relations

  • Timely and responsive communications with residents, owners & shareholders.

  • Coordinate alterations and enforce House Rules.

  • Lease Coordination (new, renewals, negations, marketing & collections).

  • 24/7 Emergency Service Hotline.

  • All inquires addressed within 24 hours.

Closings & Sales

  • Review all applications and assist the Board in navigating the approval process. - Ensure all records are securely archived.

  • Ensure application of all applicable state and federal laws that govern sales/closings.

  • Monitor sublets, coordinate renewals, and sales.

  • Shield Act

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