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BOTA Property Management takes pride in providing personalized and hands-on management services tailored to meet the unique and specific requirements of our clients. Our headquarters, conveniently located in the Madison Belmont Building at 183 Madison Avenue, ensures easy accessibility for all clients within our growing portfolio.

As an organization, BOTA maximizes the benefits of its memberships in various industry organizations. Our staff members actively participate in resident management clubs and trade organizations, including but not limited to the Advisory Committee for the Thomas Shortman School (32BJ), REBNY, NYRAM, Residential Council of REBNY, Manhattan Residents Management Club, Metropolitan Resident Managers Club, and the NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability.

Our strong business relationship with the union allows us to develop valuable programs on a regular basis, aligning with industry standards and best practices. We actively engage in industry symposiums and training seminars to stay up to date with the latest advancements and trends. Additionally, we collaborate closely with the state of New York on various NYSERDA programs, ensuring that our properties benefit from all appropriate initiatives and incentives available.

At BOTA Property Management, our commitment to leveraging industry memberships, partnerships, and training opportunities enables us to deliver exceptional service and provide our clients with the utmost value and expertise.

BOTA Property Management, LLC is the modern solution for owners and residents alike. Our principled philosophy gives our team the tools they need to build trusting long-lasting relationships with Owners, Boards, Residents, Vendors and Peers.

We want to bring trust back to the property management arena by providing services tailored to meet the needs of Owners and Residents, while nurturing a sense of community and improving the value of the asset.

BPM isn’t simply another property management firm - We’re family!

And as with any family, we are committed to helping our clients do more than simply live in a building - we want them to THRIVE!


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At BOTA Property Management, we possess a deep understanding of property management and have honed the skill of harmonizing the needs of property owners with those of residents. Our goal is to safeguard your assets while fostering a vibrant sense of community. We believe in restoring a "human and humane" approach to property management, placing emphasis on personal connections, and creating an environment where residents feel valued. By prioritizing this approach, we not only add value to your property but also cultivate a nurturing atmosphere that residents are proud to call home.

This commitment to combining exceptional service with a strong sense of community is the foundation upon which our company is built. With BOTA Property Management, you can expect a property management experience that is comprehensive, compassionate, and designed to enhance the overall quality of life for all stakeholders involved.


Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, Innovation, and Collaboration form the bedrock of our core values at BOTA Property Management. These principles serve as the guiding forces behind our success. We uphold integrity in all aspects of our operations, conducting ourselves with honesty, professionalism, and ethical behavior. Accountability is ingrained in our approach, as we take responsibility for our actions, decisions, and commitments.

Transparency is a key value we embrace, ensuring open and clear communication with our clients and stakeholders. We believe in fostering an environment of innovation, continuously seeking new and improved ways to enhance our services and exceed expectations.

Collaboration is at the heart of our operations, as we understand the power of teamwork and collective effort. By working closely with clients, residents, and industry partners, we forge strong relationships and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Together, these core values form the cornerstones of our success, enabling us to provide exceptional property management services while building trust and delivering value to our clients and communities


At BOTA Property Management, we view you and your family as an integral part of our extended community. It is our commitment to provide you with a level of attention and services that you truly deserve and can rely upon. Just as we would take care of our own family, we prioritize your well-being and satisfaction. You can trust that we will go the extra mile to understand your needs, address your concerns, and deliver personalized solutions that cater to your unique requirements. With our dedicated team by your side, you can expect a partnership built on trust, respect, and a genuine commitment to your happiness and peace of mind. We are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that you feel valued, heard, and cared for throughout your journey with us.

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